So Toy Art UK 2018 is done – and we are pretty much back to our normal lives, sort of. On reflection we had an amazing first event and are so greatful for everyone who took part in our inaugural event and for everyone who came on the day. We are looking at plans for 2019 and for opportunities we have been offered to manage gallery shows in between now and the next Toy Art UK. Of course any news we have we will bring to you right here as soon as we can.

We now more than ever truly appreciate the hard work and dedication that makes an event like this work, and we have a new found respect for the people who have come before us and created the most amazing events – but most of all Toy Con UKĀ http://www.toyconuk.com/ – those guys have created something that has stood the test of time, and if we can still be here in as many years we will have achieved something special. There is always a TINY team of people behind these large events that make them happen from scratch and we have nothing but respect for what they achieve.

Stay in touch, keep your eye on this website and on our social media presence @toyartuk and we will confirm everything when we can.

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