0161cassius is an artist from Manchester Uk, drawing influences from street art, pop art and fashion. Creating physical and digital artworks in my spare time since 2014. I work full time as a performing arts technician but the dream is to be an artist full time and I’m striving for this! Creating art from scratch to customising anything I can get my hands on like trainers, clothes and even bikes.

Since getting an iPad Pro in 2020 I’ve been creating more digital art on procreate, this is where my line of original characters came from that formed the Red Banana Crew. You can spot my 0161 bee or my caution skull in most of my work that’s how you’ll know it’s me. I started making toys recently and I’m enjoying seeing my characters come to life, it started with Bee Buddies and is about to progress to a full gang! Join me for the journey.

Location: United Kingdom