So it’s finally happened and the North of England has it’s very own dedicated Toy Art event. Toy Art UK is the first show in Leeds to showcase the work of some of the finest Toy Artists on the planet, and you might be surprised to know some of the very best are actually from the North of England!

We felt the time was right to launch this event which we had planned to host for a few years now but the timing wasn’t right, and the right team of people wasn’t assembled. Now with the backing and support of key members of the Toy Art world and a dedicated event management company helping us along, we knew the time was now or never – so we went for it.

Over the next month we will be updating this website with details of the artists who will be present on the day, you will see this pageĀ being added to over the coming weeks as we get more and more details for you. We are close to capacity now and are just waiting for a few artists to get back to us and confirm, if this doesn’t happen we will be opening up spots for artists to others who are waiting in the wings.

There will also be a curated table of artists work from around the world, with some very notable toy artists sending us work to curate, exhibit and sell on their behalf. The artists we have already lined up for this curated table are in constant demand, and some of their work will not have been available at a UK based event before.

So visit this website when you can as this is the best place to come for updates over the coming months leading up to the event. If you have any questions in the meantime then please do get in touch using our contact form by clicking HERE.