Artcade JL a.k.a JL Marfori’s art is a fuse of the things he likes doing the most and the things he wants to do but could not. From mixing his taste of Hypebeast culture and lack of musical talent, to the hybrid of his fears and love for games. Every piece always has something to do with the things he feels like is lacking from his life experience.

Before carrying the name of Artcade JL, JL marfori is an artist that only sees himself as the artist that everyone should talk about. But the more experience and exposure he gets, the wider his vision gets. That vision is for his works to reach more people in the world with his mission to collaborate with as many artists as possible that have the same vision as he is. To gain traction and reaction with others.

He is also the creator of DJ Mobile, Madbox and Emcee Sewage. Other than being a toy designer, he also does motion graphics, illustration and other digital art works.

Location: Philippines