Hello everyone, my name is Barratatouille.
I have been creating figurines since 2012.
Like many I think, my first figurine was made from a Munny de Kitrobot DIY.
It was a small head-cutting rabbit (from Rabbids).
It’s thanks to him that I still make figurines today.
Because after posting it on social networks, SpankyStrokes spotted me and contacted me for his blog .
He also competed in the competition organized by Clutter Magazine for the 100 best figurines that year.
Which encouraged me to continue in this way!
And since then, I haven’t stopped designing them.
One of my most beautiful creations was Ginger, my first real creation in my eyes.
Thank you AL ”Sugar” Cayne 😉
Then, I came back to a world that I am passionate about Kustom Kulture, through pin-up (via painting and figurines) with my ”muse” Heidi Van Horne in particular, who inspired me enormously.
But from time to time, I also make figurines from other universes that I love … Frida Kahlo, the Simpsons Ghostbuster that I made recently 🙂 Peace

Location: France