Camote Toys is an Argentinian artist focused on art toys with a Latin American imprint.

The works are inspired by the cultural inheritance coming from indigenous communities, current and extinct, such as myths, religion and popular folklore, as well as animals and cryptids of the region. In this way, art toy makes it possible to get in touch with Latin American roots, inviting us to explore our own identity and its connection with that culture.

As a Latin Americanist artist, the creation of works require an anthropological and ethnographic research to gather information about the aesthetics, materialities and rituals of indigenous peoples, in order to be incorporated into the creative process. To include their cosmovision into modern art allows to dispute the hegemonic discourse in Latin America, since colonialism, in order to revalue the culture of the region.
Since then, I have produced various resin and ceramic works with this theme and participated in various group exhibitions, such as ExpoToys Barcelona and TRImarchi19, and I had my first solo show in Mexico. My works have been published in different art toy blogs.

Location: Argentina