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Super7 | Action Figures & Collectible Toys

When it comes to getting your toys on shelves effectively at large volume directly to retailers, the only realistic route is to deal with distributors who will handle getting your products out to stores for you.

Tom Pelly – Managing Director at HEO (UK) LTD – is a friend and colleague who we are able to call and chat with when time allows.

For Toy Art UK the best thing about Tom is that he is very generous with his time and experience and so are his team, all of whom are extremely professional.

Distributors Have It Tough

Distributors have a tough position in the market, in that everyone feels they have the right to give them a hard time – even when those things are out of their control. Shops want their stock, customers want their collectables and companies want to be paid for their products.

Add into that potentially fragile mix the recent COVID situation, a war in Europe, financial markets around the world in constant flux and you have to be on your toes as a distributor. HEO seem to manage the process with grace and professionalism, which makes dealing with HEO a breeze.

Super7 | Action Figures & Collectible Toys

We put good people in touch with good people

Toy Art UK has been lucky enough to recommend companies and individuals to HEO to handle distribution for them in the UK and beyond, including https://super7.com/ who we put in touch with Tom and his team in 2017 – and the rest is history, with Super7 products now being available widely in the UK and Europe via the team at HEO.

When HEO step in and work with companies they make sure the various requirements for each country they distribute to are met by the toy company before products can reach the retailers’ shelves. This can include many areas but there is a LOT of documentation and legal requirements to deal with (this of course varies from country to country) and HEO can advise and assist you with that.

What do distributors need from toy companies in 2023?

We asked Tom this question, and this is what he had to say:

“The purchasing team need to be highly selective which new lines to take on, but they are always willing to take a look to see if there’s something good out there that has the potential to sell in the necessary volume.


What a producer would need to provide us is:

Great product images.
Clear and precise descriptions and ETAs.
Price list clearly showing RRP.
Distributor prices with Minimum Order Quantities.
Which country the product is available from.
Accurate and up-to-date contact information.”

Of course take into account that in normal times HEO are incredibly busy, so don’t expect instant responses – and do your own planning if your release is time sensitive. You can contact HEO via their website https://www.heo.co.uk/uk/en – please be respectful, they are great people and do try their best for everyone they deal with.

Contact using our contact form if you prefer us to make an introduction for you. We will discuss your needs before we put you in touch with HEO as they are only setup to deal with businesses who require distribution at volume.