What began as a childhood fascination with the skulls and alters of Dia de los Muertos, San Francisco based artist Rob Ramirez (ink_visuals) has been developing his style up and down the medium spectrum. Born and raised in la Mission, Ramirez was inspired by the rich chicano culture around him, always drawing and aspiring to be a graffiti artist. After the passing of loved ones who strongly advocated for his passion for art, he began to explore different mediums at City College of San Francisco, which led him to achievements at Disney studios and beyond.

In an effort to stake his claim in the art world, Rob found mentorship in the realm of vinyl figures. Being an enthusiastic collector himself, and under the guide of Jesse Hernandez and other respected homies, Ink_Visuals emerged. Ink used the medium of vinyl toys to celebrate the joyful memories of those who have passed, customizing sugar skulls of bright colors on flat backgrounds. The glow and pop of this contrast bring the ancestral spirit of the figure to life. The success of these figures brought Ink_Visuals spots in several Vinyl figure shows and to host his first booth at DesignerCon 2018.

Visits to Mexico brought new inspiration surging, as Ramirez realized a draw to the power and mysticism of ancient Aztec art. His style began introducing heralds of stone and hieroglyphs reminiscent of the Temples of the Sun and Moon. Natural textiles of feathers, shells, and cord have made appearances as well; all in honor of the ancient spirit of the Aztec jungles, the natural law and balance of spirit and earth. Now, his medium has expanded beyond the figure and spills on to the digital screen, canvas, and city walls. Stay tuned for the journey of an artist never ends.

Location: United States Of America