I’m a doll designer from Istanbul. I designed many types of dolls within the years but my main and most well known character “Little Fabien” is a zombie mouth, full customized ooak doll. My inspiration is everyday people. Detailing is very significant for me. That’s why I’m spending so much time on each doll, i re-create and re-design every single detail on the doll. I use many tools in design process from fabric to paper depending to the project. I just love it.

My main goal is to make people generously happy. And seeing the the look on their face after the all process … This the prize for me:) You can’t give a price for that. Thank God he gave me this talent. i hope i can make custom dolls for every single person of the world one day. I have an Etsy shop. You can also contact me through Instagram or email anytime!
Thank you all!

Location: Turkey