Filipino singer/performer, Jed Madela created MADD creatives at the start of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when all live entertainment had to be put on hold and adjust to the new normal which was doing all productions in the safety of everyone’s home.

Being a newbie collector in the art toy world, he didn’t imagine to get into designing toys himself. One day, his sketches were sighted by his art toy designer friends and they started encouraging him to make them into art pieces. And the rest is history.

Jed’s first OG art toy, VuDu, is a self character that he sketched years ago as a means of killing time when he was on stand by backstage before his concerts and shows. Now, from VuDu he has expanded into different lines depending on what his mind dictates him to create. In line are the VuDu Riots, a spin-off of VuDu disguised as other characters, VuDu Boy, Baby Big Mouth and The Rejects. Also in development is “The V Space’, an alternate dimension of characters where VuDu and his friends are now in human form.

Jed also wants MADD Creatives to be a hub of art and creativity that will help aspiring artists and more seasoned ones to expand the reach of the art toy scene here in the Philippines and all over the world.

Location: Philippines