Martin Diez. Contemporary artist who reflects in his work through Martineta different design objects, including his Hammer Head line, dolls developed based on the reinterpretation of hammers. And his famous Skull, skulls worked in various materials, as well as paintings made with mixed techniques of paint and stencil.

With a restless spirit, since he was a child he felt the need to discover the world around him. Curious, charismatic and ingenious are some of the many qualities that accompanied him from an early age, to give rise to the beginning of the training of a future artist. Among other things, he studied Industrial Design, a key career that allowed him to experiment with various materials and production techniques.

Without leaving aside his creativity, he begins to give an aesthetic sense to his works, achieving through them to transmit a message.

Convened by major brands such as (Puma, Adidas, or Swarosky among others) to design and contribute their art in different scenarios, combining their passion for design, art and the avant-garde, resulting in genuine pieces of great acceptance.

Martineta, is undoubtedly a trip to the interior of Martín Diez where the playful is amalgamated with the aesthetic, transforming his works into unique works of art.

Location: Argentina