Urban Devil is a naughty but kinda-hearted little devil. Being able to mess around and pull pranks on people, having booze and devil rock are the reasons that he is attracted to the human world. He likes to pull prank and trick on bad person, however he often screwed it up and failed to do so with his crap lousy devil power, also, Urban Devil is the lead vocal and rhythm guitarist in The What The Devil punk rock band, and that rock fans so crazy & love his unrestrained gig performance style on the stage.

Urban Devil is an individual designer self-brand IP, inspired by wacky things, monsters, punk rock and a friendly devil with dummy head. Urban Devil just keeps going on a journey of hardcore alternative rock, bring happiness & craziness to our urban life.

Copyright © Urban Devil 2012. All Rights Reserved.


PEPPERJERRY, creator of the personal-brand “Urban Devil” (Established in 2010) is fascinated with all things crazy & rock n’ roll. As well as odd illustrations and graphic arts.

Urban Devil Exhibitions:

●Taipei Toy Festival 2012 “Urban Devil” – illustration artworks & limited edition HEI-Cast figures for first release.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Hong Kong Toy Soul 2014 with Monster Taipei Inc.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at WonderCon Anaheim 2017 with artist crew.

●Independent ART FES in TAIPEI 2017.

●Asia Illustrations Annual Awards Art Exhibition 2018.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Beijing Toy Show 2018 with Monster Taipei Inc.

●Urban Devil Returns to Taipei Toy Festival 2018 for second coming with brand new Urban Devil action figures (limited edition of Original Version / Grayscale Variant) & new illustration artworks.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Five Points Festival 2019 (Brooklyn Expo Center) Tenacious Toys Show Specials.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Wonder Festival 2019 Shanghai with Alpha-C Group Ltd.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Brooklyn Comic Con 2019 with RedGuardian.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at TAGCC 2019 Malaysia with Alpha-C Group Ltd.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Taipei Toy Festival 2019 with Geez! Design Studio.

●Urban Devil illustration artworks first exhibition – AAA Gallery『HappyHALLOWEEN~a Pleasant night~Exhibition Chapter II 』2019 in Yokohama, Japan.

●DesignerCon 2019 “Urban Devil – action figures limited edition & illustration artworks” first release & exhibition in Anaheim, California. United States of America.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at All You Need is Toy 2019-2020 with Jioke creative marketing Co., Ltd..

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] with artist crew in Chiba, Japan.

●Participated in joint exhibition: One! Two!! Mouse We!!! at Wrong Gallery with artist crew in Taipei, Taiwan, released one-off Urban Devil V Crazy Punk Mouse special limited edition and digital canvas art.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Taipei International ACG Exhibition 2020 with Geez! Design Studio.

●Participated in joint exhibitions at Taipei Toy Festival 2020 with The One Maker, INFINITY TOY and counter656. New Release of Urban Devil – New Vinyl Toy “The Rooster” aka Devil Robot prototype.

PEPPERJERRY keep pushing himself creatively and produce more work for his personal brand “Urban Devil”.

Copyright © Urban Devil 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Location: Taiwan