We wanted to share the process of creating the Pete Fowler – Work From Home Unit with you.

From day one of the Toy Art U.K. event Pete Fowler has been a really important part of what we do. One day we suggested that a Pete Fowler action figure/toy would be a good idea.

Initially Pete was cautious about the idea because he is a pretty humble human being. He trusted me though and we went for it.

Bringing the team together

Next was the meeting of Pete Fowler with Delicious Again Peter at Toy Art UK 2021. Pete Fowler soon found after discussing with Delicious Again Peter that small numbered runs via digital creation were now possible – and achievable.

Turnaround Images

The first step after that was the creation of turnaround images for the Work From Home Unit figure. Pete Fowler makes this process so simple and straightforward and after a couple of small alterations to the original image it was good to go.

Delicious Again Peter then stepped in and his team created the first digital sculpt and passed it back to Pete Fowler for tweaks and alterations. Delicious Again Peter then organised the prototype 3D resin printing and first painted sample. After addressing a few niggles, and minor changes the figure was approved and ready for production and the first 30 figures were created.

Then we moved onto the card art, and clearly this also had to be created by Pete Fowler – again because of his experience and singular style this was a straightforward process. One discussion that came after that was about which blisters to use on the card to hold the figure in place and protect it. The final preferred solution came in the form of a reusable bubble/blister which worked perfectly when combined with wrapping the figure in tissue paper before shipping.

Delicious Again Peter then painted 30 figures, assembled the final version of Pete Fowler Work From Home Unit and shipped them to Nick at Toy Art UK in time for the first public sale at Toy Art UK 2022 on September 24th.

The remaining figures are now available to buy on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125532407934 – we are using eBay because their Global Shipping Program makes international shipping so simple. If you don’t want to use eBay then please get in touch via the contact form.