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I’m always on the lookout for great manufacturing partners to collaborate with. I recently had the chance to interview Pindar Toys, a company known for expertly producing toys and collectibles. In this Q&A, Pindar Toys provides responses to my most questions about how they can help bring creative projects to life.

You know when you get those manufacturers contact you online, and you ask them to send samples because you know they won’t?

Well Derek at Pindar Toys did, so we had to take things further and find out more

Read on for insights into their capabilities, processes, and approach to working with artists.


Nick: What do you need from customers to start the process and provide a quote?

Pindar Toys: To give you an accurate quote, we need 2D art, 3D files, or detailed decoration specifications for your product. This allows us to estimate the time and materials required for manufacturing.

Nick: Do you have minimum order quantity requirements?

Pindar Toys: We do not have minimum order quantities. No project is too small – we can accommodate orders of any size.

Nick: How reliable are you on hitting delivery date estimates?

Pindar Toys: Delivery timelines depend on the specifics of each project’s quantities and complexity. For most orders, we deliver finished products 45-60 days after approving final designs. We can provide estimated schedules for your specific projects.

Nick: What packaging options can you provide?

Pindar Toys: We offer fully custom packaging solutions including blister cards, boxes, inserts, and more. Let us know what you need and we can accommodate it.

Nick: What agreements do you require artists to sign?

Pindar Toys: Our standard terms are 50% deposit upfront, 50% balance on shipping. We’re happy to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your intellectual property.

Nick: What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as a manufacturer?

Pindar Toys: Our major strength is our engineering expertise – we know how to make high quality collectibles. One weakness is we lack insights into consumer markets and trends.

Nick: What are your most popular products?

Pindar Toys: Some of our bestsellers are action figures and intricate resin statues that collectors love.

Nick: Any advice for artists looking to work with you?

Pindar Toys: Focus on your creative strengths and let us handle manufacturing. We’ll collaborate to bring your vision to market flawlessly.

Nick: How do you support artists through the process?

Pindar Toys: Our full suite of services includes 3D sculpting refinements, prototyping, mold making, paint masters, production, packaging, and shipping. We’re here to make every step smooth.

Nick: Will you help protect my intellectual property?

Pindar Toys: Absolutely. We never disclose or reproduce designs without permission. NDAs ensure your IP is safe with us.

Nick: What kind of design feedback do you provide?

Pindar Toys: Drawing on our experience, we provide feedback to optimize molds and manufacturing. For example, we may suggest deepening some details.

Nick: What are your future goals as a company?

Pindar Toys: We aim to better understand toy markets globally so we can partner with artists on products with strong commercial potential. We want to be creative collaborators.

Nick: What’s your view of the toy industry today?

Pindar Toys: We believe high quality, original products are key to success in this market. Authenticity and great design matter most to consumers.

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