Tinbots Gifts For Him

Tinbots – a TinBot™ is a ‘multi-functional desktop accessory for storing memories’ and winner of a Gold Award in the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2019. An adorable and unique collectible series of small aluminium storage tins that also have magnetic arms, legs and heads that turn them into posable desktop robots. With many familiar and new exciting themes for you to explore and add to your collection, TinBot™ is the constant companion for your busy life.

Toy Robot

The Toy Robot you remember as a kid just got reinvented as the TinBot™ and there is now a collectible series based on your memories. New editions are being released all the time and this retro robot toy will look great in any home or even brighten up your office.

CHOKE HAZARD – these are collectibles not toys and contain functional small magnets.

NOT suitable for children under 14 years old.

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