All Pain & No Gain Limited Edition


This is NOT a childs toy, this is an adult collectible and is designed for display only.

Height is 250mm / 9.9 inches

Out of stock

SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE UK – our store is setup for shipping to the UK by default. Prices are fluctuating every day for shipping, so we need to quote you a price for shipping if you are in another country. Use the contact form to tell us what you want to buy and where you want us to ship to and we will get back to you with a shipping quotation immediately.

Also please note that many of the toy art pieces we sell are made by hand by the artists, are one offs and unique. Because of this there may be individual flaws or imperfections.This is usual for hand made toy art.



This utterly beautiful piece of Toy Art is by the insane talent of Some Strange Things – and it has haunted us since we saw this at ToyCon UK – so to be able to offer this piece for sale is a real honour. This piece of toy art is hand crafted resin with faux leather, fabric, plastic and acrylics. It comes boxed in a black & gold box and is from a limited run of 10 signed units.

Height is 250mm / 9.9 inches

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