Classicbot OS 2.0 Augmented Reality


Classicbot OS 2.0 is a variant of Classicbot Classic. Like the original ,a lot of attention is paid to capture the spirit of the classic computer. But this time it has a classic desktop operating system displayed on its monitor. Each icon on the toy is painstakingly designed.

What makes it even more exciting is the Augmented Reality (AR) feature that we added to the toy. This feature will make the monitor comes to life. To unlock this AR feature all you have to do is download a free third-party app UnifiedAR on your phone, turn on the app, and point your camera close to the monitor of the toy. You will see things on the monitor starts to move and Classicbot will say hello to you.

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Classicbot Classic OS 2.0

The Classicbot Classic is a tribute to the world changing design of the original which was released in the early 1990’s. At just around 10cm high, this is the perfect desktop companion.

With a “font suitcase” and a friendly MouseBot – Classicbot Classic comes in a mini card board box. There is also  a “Getting Started” guide which is reminiscent of the original manuals.

This figure feels great in your hand and has been designed and manufactured to a very high standard. Created by precise injection molding with high-quality abs plastic.

But you will find that out for yourself when you buy your own.

Classicbot Classic OS2.0 Modes

You can adjust your Classicbot to suit your mood.

Classicbot Figure Mode
Figure mode is when you have attached his limbs and you can pose him in many ways. The arms are attached with magnets and are easy to move, reposition, take off and put back.

Classicbot Computer Mode
Want your Classicbot to look like the original?  Take his magnetic arms off and remove his legs (they just pull off together – and pop back in where you want them to) and he becomes a great looking desktop Classicbot.

Classicbot Classic is a collectible figure. He contains small parts and is not suitable for children aged under 12 years.