Junk Punk – Flower Sprout


A Flower-sprout is a colourful little magical creature.

Approx 60mm high

1 in stock

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Also please note that many of the toy art pieces we sell are made by hand by the artists, are one offs and unique. Because of this there may be individual flaws or imperfections.This is usual for hand made toy art.



A Flower-sprout is a colourful little magical creature. They grow all year round underground, in garden and woodlands, and then sprout forth in spring. They’re all vibrantly coloured and come in many different colourations, depending on where they grow, the type of soil, and how much sunlight they get. – “Under the name “Junkpunk” Simon creates strange and fantastic puppets, figures and sculptures using locally found items, natural materials and discarded junk. He designs, builds, sculpts and paints strange beings and magical characters inspired by the diverse local habitat, wildlife and folklore of Northern England.”


Not for children, this is a collectible for adults only.

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