Slug Industries – Afro Trooper


This is a mash-up of a Star Wars stormtrooper and Huey P Newton, one of the founders of The Black Panther Party. During their existence, the BPP sought liberation for their people, and spent the majority of their efforts operating community schemes, such as breakfast clubs, clinics, child care, legal advice, etc, but were portrayed as enemies of the American way of life. Contemporary U.S. media portrayed them negatively in almost 80% of their coverage.

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This piece aims to remind the viewer of that unfair coverage to portray the infantilisation of the black liberation message to the most radical degree, a toy or child’s play, referencing the work of the NY rap group Public Enemy (Fear of a black planet/empire, the empire/enemy strikes black), while declaring the war against minorities should stop.
Coming from a multi-ethnic family, and having experienced racism from around the age of six, Huey Newton is one of my heroes – along with many other great black American minds. My reflection of the atrocious treatment they suffered is not supportive of that tribulation. It’s pointing it out as unforgivable, as something folk of all hues still suffer from today, which should have ceased many years ago.