Collect and Display see what you see when they sell you a toy and their passion for customer service and support is clearly there to be seen. Here is a bit about Collect and Display in their own words.

“We initially discovered some Kidrobot blind boxes whilst out in London and this quickly became an obsession. The obsession was becoming fairly difficult to fulfill with a lack of supply in the UK so we started Collect and Display as somewhat of a hobby alongside our full-time work commitments.

When we started the company all we knew was Kidrobot and that was our main focus but then we started to discover all kinds of varieties of these designer art toys. We quickly began stocking a whole range of great products and selling out. As each year has gone by we have continuously progressed with the products that we stock and the level of service that we provide.

We have introduced a monthly customs series in recent years in which we work closely with 12 artists, some well known and some up and coming. This has been a huge success for both our store and the artists involved.”