I am an artist who works both on both designer vinyl toys and traditional canvas. The inspiration for my work comes from a huge number of sources. Some are social comments on the human condition and how we as people interact, treat each other, as well as the habits we all follow.

I also take a lot of inspiration from the many forms of pop culture both past and present, such as music, film and graphic novels.
Living in London means I have learnt to become a sponge at times. As there are so many different cultural aspects, it can be such an inspiring place to work and live as an artist.

My style of work usually incorporates crisp, bold colours with intricate line work. I’m becoming most known for my jungle and flower themed customs as i take a lot inspiration from nature and the weird and wonderful creatures that still inhabit the ever shrinking jungles and forests of our world. with this in mind i am also trying to evolve these themes.



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