My Name is Brad ‘Monster Ego’ and I run Monster Ego Studios.

I really believe in narrative born creations, every single one of our toys will be driven by its story first. The Imagination running wild is something I feel everyone should indulge in. Too often people’s creative imagination is held back through fear or judgement or expectation when it should be something they are proud of. I like to think my pieces show this belief, ranging from quirky surreal creatures to spirits that reside in the darkness. I love the idea of a creature that eats candy hearts, blinks sparkles and shoots rainbows sitting next to a beast that lures its prey in with deathly mimics and unfurling elongated twisted limbs sitting next to each other on a shelf. So i aim to make these things, to captivate the imagination.

Our Website is our hub of information. Here in our compendium we keep all our sculpts and designs and the lore associated with each one. Just clicking on the image will bring up its lore and see how it ties in with the world. Like a mix up of Darwin’s origin of species and a less commercially driven pokedex.