Tom & Emily are a duo of model makers that have turned their sights towards creating the world of Heartwood Realm; an imaginary place of their construction brimming with sentient pumpkins and scuttling beasts. Each Toy they design starts its life at their studio in the south of England, where it is hand-sculpted, pressure cast and painted to give a professional finish to each and every character.

Inspired by halloween, a childhood of hoarding toys and thousands of collective hours watching B movies, their art has been described as delightfully spooky; with each toy they create shining a little more light on the weirdness that is Heartwood Realm.

Their freshest release is the Pumpkin Toad, another critter that has sprung to life out of the pumpkin patch albeit with a grumpy expression. Alongside him is the Bugleech, with an appetite as toxic as his tongue.

In the meantime you can follow Tom on instagram and Emily