‘The Droid Foundry’ is all about droids and yes, we may well have the droid you are looking for. We have been making droids for years and produce a whole range of different types from obedient Utilitarian All Purpose Droids (UAPDs) to Droiddogs, Security Droids to all terrain Hover Droids and from Companion Droids to Droid Mechanics and Engineers.

Every droid has an artificial intelligence module with a lifetime guarantee, all droids can be precisely programmed to tasks and self-learning units can be added as required. Contact us and let us know your specific requirements.


I started making droids several years ago as a result of several interests coming together.

I have always made things and whilst at a designer toy convention I came across 3D printing and how it could be used to make parts for 1/6 figures I was customising at the time.

I have always been interested in science fiction and how present day science and technology might evolve to realise the predictions made by writers such as Arthur C. Clark, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick etc. Of course I also was quite interested in how movies predict the future and how frequently robots with artificial intelligence are featured.

From there it was not a massive leap for me to start thinking about the potential for making robots using 3D printing. The term droids rather than robots suggested programmeable machines that would be given all manner of tasks to complete, whether basic or complex, technical, medical, undesirable to humans etc.

My droids are 3D printed in SLS or made of resin and the weathered paint finishes hint at the fact that they may well have had a hard life with lots of wear and tear.

Location: United Kingdom