TMNT Raphael & Donatello 1/6 scale action figures by JT Studio PREORDER
When street basketball and ninja culture collide, a crazy trend toy is born. This new trendy Ninja Turtle toy takes you on an unparalleled journey of rhythm from the street basketball court to the pinnacle of the ninja world. The popular street style is blended in world of Ninja Turtles to create a unique Ninja Turtle design.

This limited edition collectible figurine presents a brand new Ninja Turtle story that is full of vibrancy and passion. When you own this limited edition trendy Ninja Turtle, you will have a unique story.

The brand new background of this story is full of challenges and passion, perfectly combining the spirit of basketball and ninjas. When you own this Ninja Turtle, you will not only have a beautiful collectible, but also a passion for basketball and ninja culture. and collectors of the Ninja Turtle series cannot miss this limited edition trendy Ninja Turtle. This limited edition figure, themed around basketball and ninjas, will bring more charm and value to your collection. Come and experience this brand new Ninja Turtle and full of vitality passion!

Whenever the basketball court in SOME CITY is filled with the most enthusiastic cheers, the NINJA team will take the stage! NINJA is a team consisting of a group of quadruplets with exceptional physical abilities, and has been dominating street basketball games all around the world for many years. During one of their trips to New York for a game, they passed through an underground tunnel and discovered four turtle masks. Without hesitation, they put on the masks and suddenly felt a power piercing through their brains, making their physical abilities even stronger. While they were pondering about this, they suddenly heard a cry for help coming from several kilometers away, and thus began a new chapter in the TMNT story…