Toy Art Prints

Another month and another launch for Toy Art UK

We are so lucky to do what we love on a daily basis. One of the main things we do is keep an eye on the flood of art we get through our channels online, and we get to see a LOT of beautiful art. Sometimes that art doesn’t get seen by people we think would truly love it and want to own it, and it’s not always toys that toy artists create – so we launched Toy Art Prints.

Of course starting something like this is NEVER easy, but it’s made easier when a couple of artists jump straight onboard and trust you to just do what you do. So when designer toy art legends Nathan Jurevicius and Pete Fowler are those two artists, there’s a good chance you are doing the right thing.

Plenty more art to come…..stay tuned

Toy Art Prints

Toy Art UK 2022 - The Art Of Indie Toys

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