Toy Art Prints

Toy Art Prints

Art prints available from Toy Art UK – created by talented artists from around the world.

We are lucky to work with artists who are so creative, and they don’t just create toys. Many of the artists you may know as designer toy and art toy artists, also create incredible 2D art. Toy Art UK work with those artists and manage the orders for their prints, despatching orders to customers all over the planet.

We also work with experts when it comes to sourcing the final printed version of the print and they make recommendations based on their expertise. Experts are there for a reason and we are so lucky to have found the finest Giclée printing available at a competitive price.

Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler is a Welsh artist and illustrator known for his distinctive style that combines psychedelic imagery, pop culture references, and elements of Welsh folklore. He was born in Cardiff, Wales, in 1969 and studied graphic design at the University of Glamorgan.

Fowler gained recognition in the 1990s for his work with the Welsh band Super Furry Animals, creating album covers, posters, and stage designs for the group. He has also worked with other musicians, including The Charlatans, Monsterism, and The Horrors.

Fowler’s artwork often features fantastical creatures, such as his signature character “Monsterism,” which appears in various forms in many of his works. His illustrations have been featured in numerous publications, including The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and NME.

In addition to his commercial work, Fowler has also exhibited his artwork in galleries around the world, including London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. His solo exhibitions include “Monsters Inked” at the London Print Studio in 2004, “Electric Crazyland” at the Cardiff Arts Institute in 2012, and “Supersize Them” at the Beach London gallery in 2015.

Fowler’s work has been described as “surreal, playful, and psychedelic,” and he has been praised for his ability to blend traditional art techniques with digital processes. He continues to work as an illustrator and artist, and his unique style has gained a cult following among fans of pop culture and contemporary art.

Nathan Jurevicius

Nathan Jurevicius is an Australian-Canadian artist and illustrator known for his whimsical and fantastical creations. He was born in 1973 in Perth, Australia, and later moved to Canada to pursue his career in art.

Jurevicius is best known for his creation of the “Scarygirl” character, a young girl with a tentacle arm, who he initially created for a web comic series in 2001. The character has since been featured in a graphic novel, video games, toys, and other merchandise.

Jurevicius has also worked on various other projects, including creating illustrations for children’s books, designing characters for animation and games, and exhibiting his artwork in galleries around the world. His work often incorporates elements of mythology, nature, and surrealism, and his use of vibrant colors and intricate details has gained him a loyal following.

Some of Jurevicius’s notable works include the graphic novel “Scarygirl,” which was published in 2009, the award-winning short film “The Passenger,” which he co-directed in 2006, and the video game “Scarygirl: Mission Maybee,” which he co-created in 2012.

Jurevicius has received numerous accolades for his work, including being named as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Entertainment” by Entertainment Weekly in 2009. He continues to work as an artist and illustrator, creating new and imaginative worlds and characters that delight audiences of all ages.