Well Toy Art UK 2019 was everything we wanted it to be and so much more. The artists were incredible as always and the atmosphere throughout the day was electric and so inspiring. It looked like there was some real connections between the artists themselves and the customers who were really excited to be able to meet the artists and buy their art on a one to one basis.

We have to thank our sponsors so much for being with us while we grow and showing so real faith and commitment to what we are doing with Toy Art – this year we had as many people through the door in the first hour as we had through the door all day in 2018…so their faith and trust is well founded.

The first sponsor who also sponsored us last year and have been supporting and encouraging us since day one was Forbidden Planet – there is nobody on the high street in the UK doing what these guys do for as long as they have been doing it, and we have nothing but gratitude and respect for all of the team.

Next on the sponsor list is the incredible Martian Toys who are taking the designer toy scene by storm with their continued exellence at bringing the very best of the scene to market so that us mere mortals can possess the things we truly desire – everything they touch turns to gold.

Unbox Industries are next, and in our world of Toy Art and Designer Toys you could not wish for a better sponsor on your team to encourage and support. They are always selling our all over the world and make the impossible possible with their ever changing range of incredible designer toy creations.

And lastly our sponsors from Hawaii Umi Toys – who provided the awesome pins you guys got coming through the doors – and added a fresh feel to the Toy Art UK tables with their amazing pins, patches and designer toys. Anything left over from Umi Toys will be put on the Toy Art shop very soon.