We recently put a shout out on Instagram and Toy Artists Net that we needed your help – and your response was truly overwhelming.

There are a few of us out here promoting and encouraging toy artists around the world and none of us does it for the money, we do it for the love of the art you create. So when we asked for your help so that we could allow ourselves some time away from the day to day of making money to pay bills, which frees us up to do more of what we do for the world of toy art and designer toys – you responded magnificently.

Saying thank you doesn’t seem enough – but we can promise you it has already made a massive difference to us. Not only the fact that we now have the luxury of time, but we also have the acknowledgement and recognition of the toy art and designer toy community in real tangible terms.

We can promise you to carry on doing what we do with the same passion and belief as we always have.

If you missed our post and would like to help us promote, encourage and support toy artists around the world then you can use the link below to buy us a coffee.