So we had the tremendous privilege of having the enigmatic George Gaspar with us at Toy Art  UK 2019 – and he seemed to have a great time which we really appreciated. He instantly got the atmosphere and creative vibe we had been trying to encourage and nurture from day one, and we were beyond happy to see someone in our scene but completely unconnected get that idea straight away.
So cut to a couple of months later when George is back with his crew at The Toy Geeks and we are completely blown away by his kind words and thought you might like to take a look as well – – go watch the amazing video and dont forget to subscribe to Toy Geeks as well !!!

We are sure you all know, but just in case you didn’t – our mate Pete Fowler only went and done a video for the band The Happy Mondays !!! Basically Pete at his very best working with an iconic band from the UK who pretty much gave him freedom to just do his thing, and it worked out brilliantly. 
There’s a link HERE to a fine write up by the people at Creative Review – go take a look and enjoy.

Mighty Mo’s story is one of courage and determination. Cursed and transformed into a purple frog, Mighty Mo is exiled from the Golden Lotus Kingdom.

With his trusty sword and a fighter’s spirit, Mighty Mo vowed to one day return home a hero!

Click HERE for more information.

So we had to take a bit of time to put things back together and gather our thoughts after the past couple of years of our amazing journey – thank you all so much for bearing with us and your ongoing support and inspiration.

When we decided to take the leap and put together our first show in 2018 we really didn’t know what to expect and could not have been happier with the results. Many artists and organisations got behind us and gave us their trust and encouragement to make it work and for this we are truly grateful. Moving on to 2019 we took the plunge again and came back with more artists and a new venue and again we created something people loved and helped us make a success.

We don’t see ourselves like the #designertoy blogs do because they do their job so well and we needed to find our place in the world of #toyart. Our place is to enrich, encourage and support as many artists as we can and that’s what we try to do every day. Clearly this isn’t all done with dreams and fairytales and we now have a network of professionals working with us from around  the world who are helping us to make the promotion and marketing of toy art and the artists who create it a fundamental reality.

What we also have planned is a series of interviews with the worlds leading designer toy artists in which we discuss their path to notoriety and fame, while dipping into their inspiration and processes along the way. 

We will grow again in 2020 and we do have another event planned for later in the year following the format of the previous events. The #toyart and #designertoy world is growing quickly in the UK after it’s initial rise and drop 10 years ago  and we are excited to see what happens next.

Take a look in our store HERE and see what we have available from just some of the incredible artists we work with.

If you are an artist or company who are interested in working with us then get in touch using the contact form and we will get back to you. We are always looking for other people to work with and we regularly join forces with artists and companies around the world to help promote them and their work. For us it’s all about growing the awareness of #toyart and #designertoys and if we can help you do that we will.

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