Trashbot 2.0 stationery set

Inspired by classic 80s computer culture, featuring unique desktop and icon designs
We have worked with the team at PLAYSOME TOYS now for years, and we love everything that they do and the way they work. Whenever we see something new from them we know the thought and love that has gone into that toy is going to be bordering on obsessive. There is clearly a passion for retro Apple tech and there is a lot of memories being drawn on when they create all of their pieces.
Our store – has had their products available for sale now for a while and every product we sell is great quality, superb build and we know that you are going to love everything from Playsome Toys.
So lets look at their latest Trashbot 2.0 stationery set – and if you knew the original Trashbot set, you can see the  massive improvements that have been made in response to user feedback.
The set includes:
• Whiteboard x1
• Icons with magnetic back x3
• Trashbot figure/mini pen holder x1
• Error bot figure x1
• Memo Pad x2 (200pages in total)
Trashbot height with display: 8.5cm tall.
Whiteboard dimension 13.5 cm x 18.5cm
Every figure and icon comes with a display stand and metallic name tag.
You can keep your real desktop clean and organized, just like your virtual one.
(Please note that the magnets included are not super strong and can only hold a single sheet of paper, not thick cards.)

The playset contains small parts and not suitable for personal under 14 years of age.

US$46.00(≈ £37.55)