Don’t see art toys as “just toys” but as art.

One of the most attractive revelations when purchasing designer toys is that you are frequently dealing directly with the artist or their producers. The artists as a rule can be considered (amongst other things) extremely obsessive about the designer toys that they produce and will spend many, many hours drawing, sculpting and casting their work.

There are also many different areas in the designer toy world, with some artists creating the toy from drawing to painting the final product by hand and spending many hours producing incredible packaging solutions for their work. The designer toy network is worldwide and people collaborate across borders and boundaries freely and openly without any of the normal restrictions of geography, beliefs or race that can affect the rest of the commercial art world.

There is a real passion and shared belief which can be seen and often felt in the work produced by these communities. When you get the chance to purchase some of these art toys for yourself and actually get the sensation of handling such stunning pieces they take on a whole new set of meanings and sensations.

So, designer toys (or art toys) are still very definitely toys – but very definitely not children’s toys. And therein is the essential difference as we see it. You will also see that designer toys can and do usually cost a lot more than regular toys, with the obvious disadvantages of small production runs – but one of the huge advantages is the care and attention paid to each individual end product. The designer toy is regularly painted, finished and packed by hand which allows the artist producing the work time to individually check each piece before dispatch to the customer.

Are designer toys an investment then?

Well, this is a question which has a few answers, but essentially you are investing in the artist and in something beautiful to have in your home or your workplace. You may well find that your initial investment increases many fold quite quickly if the artist is well known and the designer toy in question is released in limited numbers. A lot of the most popular artists around the world will even produce toys and only make them available on a lottery allocation basis or will only supply a certain amount of spots for pre-orders.

This immediately means there is a rarity value to some designer toys and people known as flippers have been known to buy designer toys which are rare and then resell via the open market for a quick profit. This is not necessarily something the artist would approve of but it happens, and will always happen as the market is open to everyone – and this is how we think it should be.

Art Toys are personal

Basically for us the attraction of designer toys is deeply personal and we will put the time in to contact artists whose work we are interested in and will spend time finding out about their past work and future plans. But this is what we do and we do not expect everyone out there investing in designer toys to do the same or even think the same way about designer toys as we do. It’s personal and that’s why it works.

Honestly the basic reason we find designer toys so fascinating is that the concept of beautiful and affordable art in everyone’s home is something we really believe in. But don’t think the only thing you should buy is the same thing everyone else buys from the local interiors store because you are told to that’s what you should do. Often for the same price as you pay for a mass produced piece from the local store, you can have something exclusive you really love and will look at over and over again for many years.

Art Toys can be a strange idea to many people. The most common thing heard from people who are unaware of exactly what is out there is “These are just toys aren’t they?” And to be honest yes, they are in one way, but there really is so much more to toy art. From concept to completion the care taken over the production of most art toys can be astonishing, with the artist maintaining control of the process throughout.

A lot of the toy art we feature on this website is produced in relatively small numbers, some being in the 100s and some even being produced to order. This means a couple of things, the first thing being that there is a certain amount of exclusivity around the purchase of an art toy and you are investing in something that is considered art.

Toy art is art that is accessible to everyone and goes through many processes before the buyer get’s to take it home. Many people will be involved with the production and distribution of designer and art toys and it shows in the final production time and time again.

The designer toy is many things, but one thing it is not is a mass produced uncared for production which you will also see in your neighbors home. There are so many diverse and unique styes out there that you will find something which will appeal to you directly for many reasons.

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