Don’t see art toys as “toys” but as art.

One of the joys of purchasing designer art toys is that you deal direct with the artist or their producers. The artists are passionate about the designer toys that they produce and will spend hours drawing, sculpting and casting their work.

The designer toy network is worldwide and people collaborate across borders and boundaries. There are no restrictions such as geography that can affect the rest of the commercial art world. There is a real passion and shared belief, which is evident in the work produced by these communities. When you buy art toys for yourself, they take on a whole new set of meanings.

So, designer toys (or art toys) are still very definitely toys – but very definitely not children’s toys. And therein is the essential difference as we see it.

Designer toys cost more than regular toys, the small production runs means that the price can be high. One of the huge advantages is the care and attention paid to each individual end product. One of many differences between art toys and regular toys is that art toys will get final checks by the artist.

The artist producing the work gets the time to check each piece before dispatch to the customer. Many people take part in the production and distribution of designer and art toys. This shows in the final product time and time again. Toy art is art that is accessible to everyone and goes through many processes before the buyer get’s to take it home.

So are designer toys an investment then?

Well, this is a question which has a few answers. You are investing in the artist and in something beautiful to have in your home or your workplace. You may find that your initial investment could show a healthy return. If the artist is well known and the art toy in question is a limited release then the market drives the price.

A lot of popular artists will create toys and make them available on a lottery basis only as the demand can be high. This immediately means there is a rarity value to some designer toys.

Art Toys Are Personal

We put time in to contact artists whose work we respond to, and spend time finding out about them and their art. But we do not expect everyone purchasing designer toys to do the same or even think the same way about art toys as we do.

It’s personal and that’s why it works.

The reason we find designer toys so fascinating has to do with affordable art in everyone’s home. For the same price as you pay for a mass produced piece, you can have an exclusive art toy in your home. Art Toys can be a strange idea to many people. The most common thing heard from people who are unaware of exactly what is out there is “These are toys aren’t they?” And to be honest yes they are in one way, but there is so much more to toy art.

The production of art toys is hands on, with the artist managing the process throughout. A lot of the toy art we feature on this website exist in small numbers, and some made to order.

There is an exclusivity around designer toys, and you are investing in something that is art. Art toys are many things, but not mass produced uncared for objects which you will see everywhere. There are many diverse and unique styles, you will find toy art that works for you and in your home.