For nearly a decade, New York-based Whistling Pony Toys has been creating limited-run vinyl and resin art toys and custom carded figures. Our focus is on vinyl and resin art toys, including Surinama and the Headless Horror series. Expect to see the Unheadless Horrors and the squeak-toy inspired Worm Baby in 2022.

We also specialize in one-off custom carded figures and other packaged goods under the Konnor Toys line. Past series have included Uncle Larry’s House of Hair, the Stellar Space Pals, and the zine-based Some Product.

And for the newly created Gelding Graphics line, we are working with the finest lowbrow and glamor illustrators to bring you limited run art prints, including exclusive art by the renowned GruesomeGraphx and the totally tubular Cre80s.

Location: United States of America