We get asked all the time to get involved with all kinds of events, products and promotions and occasionally people seem surprised when we can’t do everything we want to.

Thing is when we say WE what we actually mean is I – because apart from at events Toy Art UK is one person, me Nick Andrews. So trust me when I take the website down for updates or I am not online when you need me sometimes, the chances are I am probably doing something to pay the bills because Toy Art UK isn’t here to pay the bills YET. For me Toy Art UK is something I truly love to do and I hope if you speak to any of the artists or companies that I work with they will tell you exactly who I am and how I deal with things.

So if you need to get in touch with Toy Art UK drop us a line using the contact form, we don’t want to miss hooking up with you but if you DM on Instagram or contact me direct on Facebook – it’s definitely going to take me longer to get back to you and the chances are I will lose track of what we are talking about if there isn’t an email hahahahaha.

One bag of huge love to each and every one of you – because without you all there would be no Toy Art UK – I see your passion and feel your love every day and it’s inspiring !!!

The awesome caricature is by an incredible artist friend of ours Alex Gallego

Alex Gallego Caricature Artist Cartoonist